Weather the Storm

2 06 2008

Several experts are predicting darkness before the dawn.  By most accounts, we’re in for a bit of tough time in the general economy.   Here in the tech and telco sector, the good news is – we’ve been there / done that. 

What did you do to make it through 2000 – 2001?  One of the writers at GigaOm did a recent interview with Scott Rafer one of the veterans of the sector, and a serial entrepreneur.  He outlines a number of strategies for weathering the coming storm.  Interesting, but I also recall a folks working out  strategies at IBM at that time.  Essentially, there were two:  A) hunker down, and try to avoid trouble – or B) be bold, create new strategies, new services, new offerings, and new ways of thinking.  I know several folks who survived.  Some had strategy A.  They’re still around (some of them) – many of them are in essentially the same jobs now they were then.  Strategy B folks – there were fewer of them – if they’re still here, they have better jobs, more interesting jobs, and they’re generally happier. 

There is something coming.  It won’t be easy.  Our customers will be trying to do more with less.  We may think there’s less to invest, making it harder to create – but that’s not so.  It’s time to push ahead.  It’s time to point the bow straight at the waves, and take them on.



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